I'm an art director with over 10 years of experience in branding, advertising, and web development (WEB, UX & UI). Extensive experience in creating high-quality and effective design solutions for clients' tasks. I have created 100+ creative ideas and concepts that have a high visual effect.

I have an end-to-end understanding of what it takes to create an innovative product from scratch.
Performed projects for such companies as Channel One Russia, Sberbank, Braun, Alcatel, LUKOIL, Tele2, Avito, Philips, Gillette, Competentum group, Krasny Kvadrat, Synergy group and other.

I love to solve complex problems, work on product concepts, human-product interactions, user experience, and visual design. Combining all of this, I focus on making great products for people to make their life better.
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